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Partnerships are at the heart of our success. We seek to establish a cross-sector and multi-dimensional partnerships to create a nation that is more innovative, prosperous, sustainable and resilient. We partner with companies/industry experts/peer institutions/development entities who can add value to our offerings.

As a business or a development partner, or an ecosystem supporter or sponsor, you become part of a growing interrelated value-chain designed to help you pursue your commitment to applying your expertise and resources towards achieving national goals, as well as accessing and developing local talent and companies, enhancing your brand, extending your markets footprints, and creating sustainable communities that are self-efficient

If you are interested to become a partner, please contact us anytime.


Our Partners:

Acacus is teaching participants about driverless cars, which is expected to be one of the most profound, radical, and powerful advancements in automotive technology. Acacus is using a real car, Kia Soul model 2015, which includes radar, a computer with 5GPUs, and cameras.

Sager 1 is teaching participants how to build drones based on the FabLab’s capabilities – soldering, laser cutting, and 3D printing. Sager 1 also uses high performance PCs to conduct a virtual FPV training to ensure that pilots are aware of the basic flight principles and understand drone movements. In our training program, pilots must record 30-50 flight hours using our simulation before taking off with a real drone. Participants attend camps to practice an actual drone race and test the performance of what they have built.

TechWorks is the Crown Prince Foundation’s core innovation platform


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